ESVA dead but still alive..

It seem’s that the developer of esva (the anti spam vmware appliance) has dropped his work on the project (for a unknow reason). This means that the website is down, and there is no more support from the original developer and all the forum’s and documentation is gone, trying to reach the original websites will give you a timeout.

Luckily the project is still alive but it will take some time before everything is back to normal as alot of information needs to be found and put together again.

There is a new forum at: and a new sourceforge page that hosts the project files:

Version is available for download from the sourceforge page but using the esva-upgrade script to upgrade to the latest version won’t work. But there is a workaround to upgrade to the latest version by downloading the files from a other mirror.

i’ve setup a mirror at my own server (as I manage a bunch of esva servers) and I made my own script to update my esva systems to the latest version, its available for download but please check on the forums and sourceforge if there is a new way of upgrading!

user@computer:$ wget


The system will start to upgrade your esva to and reboot automatically after the upgrade.
To view your current version of esva when the system has rebooted:

user@computer:$ cat /var/esva/currentversion

The system should be upgraded to now and ready for mail processing.


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