Burning a video DVD VIDEO_TS in Linux

You can rip dvd’s with multiple tools, and some of these rip the dvd to a ‘VIDEO_TS’ and ‘AUDIO_TS’ folder. You can burn them again with the tool mkisofs.

Place your ‘VIDEO_TS’ and ‘AUDIO_TS’ in a folder (lets say /home/user1/mymovie/)

Install mkisofs:

trouble@sun:$ apt-get update
trouble@sun:$ apt-get install mkisofs

Then use mkisofs to create a ISO file from the folder:

trouble@sun:$ mkisofs -dvd-video -o /home/user1/mymovie.iso /home/user1/mymovie/

Now in /home/user1 you have a iso file called ‘mymovie.iso’

now use brazero or any other burning tool to burn the .iso file to a DVD.



  1. Kal Torak  September 15, 2011

    Gooood! thank you man, I like this way, It is so “Keep it simple”-like =D


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