linux and iso images

Because some people asked me this question I will drop it here also instead of screaming out GOOOOOOGLEEEEEEE..

Creating a ISO image So you got yourself a nice little CD or DVD and want to make a ISO out of it. Well this is actually really simple just use ‘dd’ to create a iso out of it.

trouble@sun:$ dd if=/dev/hdc of=~/myimage.iso

Isn’t that easy?
Well to explain it a little bit:

dd = The program that converts and copy's file's.
if=/dev/hdc = The Input source.
of=~/myimage.iso = The Output file.

Note that this will not work always (copy protection etc..) but it works in most case’s if you want to create a image out of something..
In case its not working try looking at ‘mkisofs’..
Mount a ISO image
First create the directory where to mount the iso, then you make sure the loop module is mounted and then you can mount the image.

trouble@sun:$ sudo mkdir /media/iso
trouble@sun:$ sudo modprobe loop
trouble@sun:$ sudo mount file.iso /media/iso/ -t iso9660 -o loop

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