ESVA becomes E.F.A. 3




E.F.A. is an new build based on CentOS and MailWatch, this is an new release, replacing all previous E.F.A. versions and ESVA.

This is a completely NEW setup based on the previous ESVA, but not an upgrade to ESVA!.
Because ESVA development halted at version we started a new ‘numbering scheme’ at version 3.x.x.x. so the first ever release is called E.F.A.
The name ESVA will not be used anymore because of possible legal issues.

This means that E.F.A. 3.x is NOT an upgrade for the previous 0.3 E.F.A. version and also that it is NOT an upgrade for your existing ESVA system.

So what does E.F.A. 3.x contain:

  • In short all components that made ESVA but updated to current versions
  • Centos 6.5
  • MailScanner
  • ClamAV
  • DCC
  • MailWatch
  • Webmin
  • SQL Grey
  • Pyzor
  • Razor
  • MySQL
  • much more…

You can download the latest version from
and for more info go to